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My dead daughter's shoes

26th November 2017

Anne-Marie Cockburn, representing Anyone's Child: Families for Safer Drug Control, tells the story of her daughter, Martha, who died in 2013 of a MDMA overdose

Recreational MDMA testing - a European perspective

22nd February 2017

As high-purity/high-dose ecstasy pills return to the market and casualties rise, Oli Stevens discusses the roles testing can play. It can act as a harm reduction initiative, can it shape the composition of drug markets themselves?

How one patch of grass became the UK's first ever decriminalised drugs space

5th October 2016

The Loop makes UK drug policy history as it becomes the first organisation to offer front-of-house recreational drug testing at Secret Garden Party 2016.

I blame Fabric’s closure on this country’s backward drugs policy

13th September 2016

The recent deaths at Fabric were tragic, and more will follow them if we do not embrace receational drug harm reduction measures.

The Superman pill deaths are the result of our illogical drugs policy

5th January 2015

Let’s get the War on Drugs out of our hospitals and laboratories

11th June 2013

Drugs Live: the facts behind the programme

4th October 2012

Curiouser and curiouser: Could ecstasy actually heal brains as well as minds?

9th May 2011

Blair's other war

28th April 2011

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