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Class A is no solution to the problem of 'monkey dust'

18th August 2018

In response to rising concern over 'monkey dust', David Nutt calls for expanded drug safety testing and a frank discussion on the roles of the UK's classification system compared to drug harms

Lethal toxicity of new psychoactive substances

31st July 2018

Les King presents an innovative method for calculating the lethal toxicity of new psychoactive substances in a sparse data environment

No laughing matter: how the anti-nitrous oxide campaign is a disingenuous waste of time and money

11th October 2017

Nitrous oxide returns to the news, providing an opportunity to discuss its harms and ask quite frankly: why are we wasting money on enforcing the ban when it kills fewer people than lightning strikes?

How the law against synthetic cannabinoids might destroy pharmaceutical discovery in the UK

4th January 2017

In an effort to curb the current wave of recreational synthetic cannabinoids, the Government have introduced new controls for a range of core chemical structures. These structures are also found in many pharmaceuticals and could stifle future pharmaceutical development

The poppers ban is a veiled attack on pleasure

21st March 2016

Figures for UK deaths from legal highs cannot be trusted

14th March 2014

Time for a second opinion? Where we are going wrong on ‘Legal Highs’

14th January 2013

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