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Taking the principle of medicinal cannabis to practical implementation

5th February 2019

Medicinal cannabis is now legal in the UK, though many barriers remain to its implementation. The DrugScience Symposium discussed paths forward to facilitate patient access and data collection for scientific research.

New analysis of alcohol and cannabis – what’s the harm?

12th April 2018

Jason Reed breaks down DrugScience's recent analysis on cannabis and alcohol regulatory options which concludes that state regulated legalisation holds the most promise for reducing drug-related harm

How the law against synthetic cannabinoids might destroy pharmaceutical discovery in the UK

4th January 2017

In an effort to curb the current wave of recreational synthetic cannabinoids, the Government have introduced new controls for a range of core chemical structures. These structures are also found in many pharmaceuticals and could stifle future pharmaceutical development

Better late than never? After 82 years the WHO reviews cannabis!

22nd December 2016

The WHO has commissioned a cannabis review before the Commission for Narcotic Drugs 2018 meeting. This will be first WHO cannabis review since 1935!

Death by cannabis?

31st January 2014

“Think cannabis is harmless?” No. Does anyone? But what about propagating drug hysteria? Is that harmless?

24th October 2013

Uruguay is set to legalise cannabis. Should we celebrate?

1st August 2013

Cannabis and IQ

1st November 2012

Hypothesising an alternative: Applying the scientific process to drug policy

29th June 2012

Smoke without fire? Scaremongering by the British Lung Foundation over cannabis vs tobacco

11th June 2012

Popular intoxicants – how do alcohol and cannabis compare?

29th September 2011

Blair's other war

28th April 2011

Necessity or nastiness? The hidden law denying cannabis for medicinal use

20th December 2010

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