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Podcast: DS Live – Drug Testing at Music Festivals

27th March 2019 - Online

DrugScience Community Exclusive

For many festival-goers, drugs are as intrinsic to the experience as developing a thin film of visible bacteria over their entire body. With 3.5 million people attending British festivals in 2016, and recent Home Office statistics suggesting that the proportion of 16 to 24-year-olds who have taken drugs in the last year (8.4 percent) is higher than for 12 years, it's safe to presume that many of our nation's youth got extremely loose in a field this summer.

The Loop, set up by DrugScience's Prof. Fiona Measham, is an award-winning drug safety testing organisation which provides drug testing, welfare and harm reduction services at nightclubs, festivals and other leisure events. The service identifies and informs service users about the contents of their submitted sample and provides them with direct harm reduction advice.

In this fascinating podcast Professor Nutt will discuss with members of the Loop team, how they are aiming to make harm reduction advice and information, welfare support and drug safety testing a standard feature at all music festivals in the UK and abroad.

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