Classes of Commonly Used Drugs

Class A: Methadone, morphine, MDMA, LSD, heroin
Class B: Cannabis, codeine, some amphetamines
Class C: Amphetamines, sedatives, benzodiazepines, buprenorphine

Drug Use and Possession

Use or possession of a class A or B drug is punishable with a maximum of a life sentence. The maximum sentence for use or possession of class C drugs is 8 years. It is also an offence to buy or be supplied with a controlled drug without authorization. The maximum sentence for a first time offender under the age of 25 is 2 years imprisonment when the offence relates to personal use only.

Possession of more than that (3g of cannabis, 10g of cocaine or opium), creates a presumption that the person intended sale.

An addicted person, who undertakes voluntary treatment in a centre, will not be prosecuted in relation to offences.

Prevention, Care and Treatment

Convicted persons with an addiction may serve their sentence in detoxification/ rehabilitation centres if the Court orders them to do so. The law also provides for the treatment of addicted minors and there are provisions whereby such minor will be detained in such centres for treatment. This measure is only permitted if ordered by a Court of competent jurisdiction, following a relevant application by the guardian of the minor or by such other person who is in a position to know the circumstances of the person concerned.


It is an offence to distribute equipment, material or precursors “knowing that they are probably to be used” for illegal production of controlled drugs.