Drug use and possession

Use and possession of small amounts are punished with fines or imprisonment for up to 6 months. The same applies to complicity. Any attempted infringement will be punished as an accomplished offence.

Contrary to the temporary possession for personal use, possession that has been going on for some time is considered as storage and punished more severely. Considerable quantity of drugs are normally regarded as storing regardless of whether the drugs were intended for sale or just stored for personal consumption.

Trafficking and drug related

Whoever "manufactures, acquires, imports, exports, stores, sends or conveys" narcotic drugs could be punished with a fine and/or imprisonment up to 2 years. Depending on the type of substance is involved, its quantity and the nature of the offence (selling to young people or to inmates in prisons, for instance) some offences can be considered as aggravated which are punished with up to 10 years imprisonment. When a very considerable quantity is involved, the penalty can be increased to a term of imprisonment of no less than 3 and not more than 15 years. This provision should only be applied in exceptional cases. Law also foresees in "very aggravating circumstances" (large organisers of international drug trafficking involving some drugs considered most dangerous) a term of imprisonment not exceding 21 years.

Substitution of sentences

The law allows for treatment as an alternative to carrying out a prison sentence. In some cases, it may be decided that the execution of a sentence is to commence in a treatment institution. In any case, to be tranfered to a treatment institution as an alternative to serving the sentence in a Prison Service Institution is voluntary.


Failure to comply with the precursor regulation can result in withdraw of authorisation and could be also punished with fines and/or prison for up to 3 months.

Harm Reduction Programms

Needle and Syringe Programmes (NSP): 29 operational NSP sites. Needles and syringes reported to be available for purchase from pharmacies or other outlets.

Opium Substitution Treatment (OST) based on methadone and buprenorphine.

Drug consumption room: 1


The age limit for buying tobacco is 18 years. Smoking is prohibited in public places; including restaurants, pubs and work places. In other workplaces and public places, smoking is permitted in designated smoking rooms. Smoking is also prohibited on public transport, except on designated smoking cars on trains.


The age limit for purchasing beer and wine is 18 years and for spirits it is 20 years. Norway has very strict drink driving laws. The legal limit is 20 milligrams of alcohol per 100 milliltre of blood. Norway has the strictest law in Europe in this regard.