Controlled substances

Slovenian law divides drugs into three groups:

Group 1: Very dangerous plants and substances which are not used in medicine (cocaine, opium poppy concentrate, cannabis, PCP, MDMA, MDA, MDE, khat, mescaline, psilocybin, etc)
Group 2: Highly dangerous plants and substances which can be used in medicine (cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine, opium, morphine, codeine, methadone, buprenorphine, etc)
Group 3: Plants and substances of medium danger which can be used in medicine (mostly barbiturate and non-barbiturate hypnotics and anti-epileptics, benzodiazepine anxyolitics and hypnotics, and stimulants and anorectics/arylalkylamin and others such as: GHB and 2 C-B)

Drug use and possession

The use of drugs is not and offence in Slovenia but possession is. Possession of drugs is subject to a fine of between €200 to €625 or to imprisonment of 30 days. Possession of small quantities for personal use (though these quantities have not been defined) may be punished by a fine of between €42 to €208 or a prison sentences of up to 5 days.

The punisment may be more lenient if the accused voluntary enter the programme of treatment for illicit drug users or social security programmes.

Trafficking and drug related crime

Whoever manufactures, processes, sells or offers for sale substances or preparations reconised to be drugs, or whoever purchases, keeps or transport them for the purpose of reselling them, or whoever serves as an agent in their sale or purchase, is liable to a prison sentence of 1 to 10 years.

The sentence should not be less than three years if the offence is commited by several persons who conspire to do so i complicity or if the perpetrator of such a offence organises a network of dealers or middlemen. If a person produces, purchases, possesses or furnishes other person with the equipment, material or precursors, which are to his knowledge intended for the production of illicit drugs, may be subject of a penalty of imprisonment for 6 months to 5 years.

A person who encourages another to use an illicit drug, or provide them with controlled drugs or with a place for the use of controlled drugs, or in some other way facilitates the use of controlled drugs by other people, is subject to imprisonment for three months to 5 years. When the act is commited agains a minor or against several people, the imprisonment could be from 1 to 10 years.


Precursors for controlled drugs are clasified into three groups:

1. Precursors that are used as primary raw materials in the manufacture of controlled drugs and are essential for the production process.
2. Precursors used as co-formulants in the manufacture of controlled drugs.
3. Precursors that are used as co-formulants in the manufacture of controlled drugs and can be substituted with other substances.

Import and export of precursors may be carried out on the basis of a licence issued by the authority competent for chemicals. Every person involved in the production of or trade in precursors shall keep records.

Harm Reduction Programmes

Needle and Syringe Programmes (NSP): 17 operational NSP sites. Syringes are usually made available through day-care centres, mobile NSPs operating from a vehicle or through outreaach workers. Syringes are also available at five pharmacy-based exchange sites. Needles and syringes reported to be available for purchase from pharmacies or other outlets. Free vaccination against HBV and free testing for HCV and HIV are available to alldrug users in contact with the Centres for the Prevention and Treatment of Drug Addiction (CPTDA). These centres also provide training on overdose prevention.

Opium Substitution Treatment (OST) 20 operational OST programmes based on methadone, buprenorphine, buphenorphine-naxalone combination.

Drug consumption room: 0


It is against the Slovenian law to sell tobacco to under 18 as it is to smoke in all closed public and work premises. Companies can be fined €2,000-33,000 for violations, sole traders €800-4,000 and the responsible person in a company from €400-1,000. Any person caught smoking in a place where it is banned may be fined with €125.

There are smokings rooms. Waiter service is not permitted in smoking rooms, and no food or drink can be consumed in them.


Only those 18 or over can buy alcohol. It is illegal to sell alcohol in stores from 9 pm to 7 am, 10 am in bars and restaurants. It is also illegal ton sell alcohol to already intoxicated people as well as less than 1 hour before and during sports events. By Slovenian law, the maximum legal blood-alcohol limit for drivers is 0.05 but it is zero for drivers with 3 years or less experience and professional drivers.