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Drug Science, Policy and Law aims to be the definitive source of evidence-based information and comment for academics, scientists, policymakers, frontline workers and the general public on drugs and related issues. It is international in scope and grounded in a rigorous evidence base making it essential reading for all those in the field and of interest to the general public due to the jargon-free, easy to read style.


The collaboration between the Beckley Foundation and Imperial College London conducted a series of brain imaging studies of volunteers on LSD. This is the first study to use LSD in the United Kingdom since 1966 and the first LSD brain imaging in the world. The investigation aimed to reveal the method of action of LSD and examine its effects on the ego, sense of self and our interaction with music and the world around us.

Drug harms in the UK: A multi-criteria decision analysis

DrugScience's first published work attracted considerable attention in the national and international press. This analysis asseses the harms of various drugs used recreationally in the UK using multi-criteria decision analysis. Read more for a summary of the research, an explanation of the analysis technique and a download link to the paper.

Harms of nicotine-containing products

DrugScience brought together international experts on smoking and nicotine to discuss the individual and relative harms of nicotine containing products, from cigarettes to nicotine vaporisers/e-cigarettes. The research findings are likely to help empower those considering options to help them quit smoking, thus reducing tobacco’s colossal public health burden.

Ketamine commentary

The first comprehensive review of the drug since its classification, DrugScience's ketamine review highlighted harms such as neurological damage and bladder damage.

In addition, click here to read DrugScience's 2016 call to support the WHO's analysis that the medical benefits of ketamine far outweigh potential harm from recreational use.