Drug Science was formed by a committee of scientists with a passionate belief that the pursuit of knowledge should remain free of all political and commercial interest.

Our Story

Drug Science works to provide an evidence base free from political or commercial influence, creating the foundation for sensible and effective drug laws, and equipping the public, media and policy makers with the knowledge and resources to enact positive change.

Founded in 2010 by Professor David Nutt following his removal from his post as Chair of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, Drug Science is the only completely independent, science-led drugs charity, uniquely bringing together leading drugs experts from a wide range of specialisms to carry out ground-breaking research into drug harms and effects.

The Scientific Committee play a vital role in society, providing the public in the UK and internationally with high quality, scientifically based information on drugs and evidence-based comment and analysis of new research.  Led by founder Professor David Nutt, the committee is made up of the UKs most accomplished, respected and authoritative individuals in science, academia and policy, united with a passionate belief that the pursuit of knowledge should remain free of all political and commercial interest.

Together, they work tirelessly to emphasise the role of science in the public discourse, providing information on the actual harms and benefits of various drugs, and challenging the myths that surround drug classification and legislation in the UK.

Drug Science’s mission is founded on their efforts, and their many hours of work delivering, reviewing and investigating scientific evidence relating to psychoactive drugs, with one single minded message – to tell the truth about drugs.

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Our Mission

To provide an evidence base free from political or commercial influence, creating the foundation for sensible and effective drug laws. Equipping the public, media and policy makers with the knowledge and resources to enact positive change.

Our Vision

To see a world where drug control is rational and evidence-based; where drug use is better informed and people who use drugs are understood; where drugs are used to heal not harm.

Executive Team

Prof David Nutt

Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Dr Anne Schlag

Acting Chief Executive Officer

Prof Michael Lynskey

Chief Research Officer 

Prof Mike Barnes

Chief Medical Officer

David Horn

Chief Regulatory and Compliance Officer

Operational Team

James Bunn

Head of Operations

Elliot Elam

Head of Press

Mags Houston

Head of Projects and Communications

Dr Hannah Thurgur

Senior Research Officer

Alkyoni Athanasiou-Fragkouli

Research Officer

Rayyan Zafar

Research Officer

Honorary Research & Volunteer Team

Libby Furminger

Honorary Research Assistant

Anna Ross

Honorary Research Assistant

Ben Clayden

Honorary Research Assistant

Rajeet Singh

Honorary Research Assistant

Jacob Aday

Honorary Research Assistant

Nikol Naydenova

Honorary Research Assistant

Tiago Vasconcelos

Honorary Research Assistant

Karolina Wilgus

Honorary Research Assistant

Tiger Swithenbank-Michel

Honorary Research Assistant

Lily Fitzgerald

Honorary Research Assistant

Michelle Youngs

Social Media Assistant

Loll Downes

Social Media Assistant

Harry Levin

Social Media Assistant