Ketamine for Alcohol Use Disorder

Written by Tiago Vasconcelos. A review of the recent paper – ‘Adjunctive Ketamine With Relapse Prevention–Based Psychological Therapy in the Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder’ by Grabski et al., 2021   Alcohol abuse is one of the costliest conditions affecting modern health and a high proportion of people suffering from alcohol use disorder (AUD) are  …

A critical review of drug testing policy in the Philippines

Authors Carissa Paz Dioquino, Carissa Paz Dioquino Published May 16, 2022 Abstract The drug policy in the Philippines is written as the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 or Republic Act 9165. Unlike drug policies in other countries, the law includes policies on drug testing. Aside from mandatory drug testing for specific situations, the law  …

LSD Educational Resources

Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) was first synthesised in 1938 by Albert Hoffman at the Sandoz AG Pharmaceutical Company in Basel, Switzerland LSD was the 25th lysergic acid derivative developed by Hoffman during a discovery project for pharmacologically active derivatives of lysergic acid which would act as a circulatory and respiratory stimulant LSD became widely used  …

Project Twenty21 - May Update

Get Project Twenty21 Updates via Email Project Twenty21 May Update We are well over the 2500 mark now with the number of patients registered with the project. Thank you for everything you do as supporters of Drug Science to help us spread the word about medical cannabis and Project Twenty21. Our research project with the University  …

Farmability and pharmability: Transforming the drug market to a health-and human rights-centred approach from self-cultivation to safe supply of controlled substances

Authors Fabian Pitter Steinmetz, Maja Kohek Published May 3, 2022 Background The supply chains addressing the global demand for major recreational drugs are hardly addressed due to international contracts, particularly the UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. Currently applied regulatory changes have several disadvantages ranging from political tensions to the neglect of ecological aspects. The  …

UK Drugs Inquiry: Drug Science Response

In 2019, Drug Science submitted evidence to the Drugs Policy Inquiry by the Health and Social Care Committee. In 2020, we prepared a detailed report in response to the Dame Carol Black Drugs Review. In 2021, we reacted to the government’s 10-year Drug Strategy. Our 2022 response to the UK government’s call for evidence of  …

Secondary School Educational Resources

For far too long school students have been denied access to the truth about drugs, which has undermined their trust in health information in general and put them at greater risk of harm. This new initiative sets out to rectify this failure by presenting teaching materials that are evidence-based, balanced and proportionate. In this way,  …

Project Twenty21 - April Update

Get Project Twenty21 Updates via Email   Project Twenty21 April Update This month we’re celebrating another fantastic clinic joining us, plus some of the exciting events that we’re involved with in the coming weeks – including one organised by a Twenty21 patient. And there’s even more in the pipeline – as always, we’ll keep you fully up-to-date  …

Project Twenty21 - March Update

Get Project Twenty21 Updates via Email Spring is definitely here – our website has undergone a Spring-clean, we’re continuing to see encouraging results from our data analysis and there are lots of events (both virtual and in-person) on the horizon where we’ll be spreading the word about medical cannabis. We’ve got good news, that we’ve updated  …

Can psilocybin be safely administered under medical supervision? A systematic review of adverse event reporting in clinical trials

Authors Jeremy Roscoe, Olivia Lozy Published March 16, 2022 Psilocybin is a naturally occurring psychoactive chemical produced by various species of mushroom, mainly in the psilocybe genus. Human consumption of psilocybin, primarily for its psychoactive properties, dates back thousands of years (Tylš et al., 2013). It was first isolated in 1958 by Albert Hoffmann, who was later  …

Tripping over red tape: psychedelics for mental health

The last decade has seen a new focus on psychedelics as powerful medicines for treating severe mental health issues, including the use of psilocybin for conditions such as PTSD and treatment-resistant depression. However, many of these potentially life-saving treatments, including psilocybin, remain difficult to research due to overly strict drug laws. In this blog, Professor Jo  …

2022 Drug Trend Report: Time, Music, Clubbing, Age, and Diet

By Adam Winstock, Rasmus Munksgaard, Emma Davies, Jason Ferris, Ahnjili ZhuParris, Monica Barratt Full report can be found on The Global Drug Survey website.   Background People are not defined by the drugs they use. This report is based on our non-probability data collected from 592,000 people completing our online survey, over the last 7  …

Project Twenty21 - February Update

Get Project Twenty21 Updates via Email It’s been a very busy start to the year, with lots of change happening and expansion in the pipeline for the project – so there’s so much to update you on. We’ve got loads of events coming up, so scroll down to get them in your diary. As mentioned  …

Participant Information Leaflet

Download the leaflet for everything you need to know about this study

Titration Schedule

Table showing month 1 dosing schedule:

Days Morning dose
Afternoon dose
Total dose per day Total CBD per day Total THC per day

1 - 3

0.2 mL

0.2 mL

0.4 mL

20 mg

0.8 mg

4 -7

0.5 mL

0.5 mL

1 mL

50 mg

2 mg

8 - 11

0.8 mL

0.8 mL

1.6 mL

80 mg

3.2 mg

12 - 15

1 mL

1 mL

2 mL

100 mg

4 mg

The clinical team will decide the dose you stay on for months 2-5. The correct dosing schedule must be followed.

Your dose may be increased to a total dose of 3 mL per day. This would be decided by the clinical judgement of the study doctor.


Table showing dosing schedule for 3 mL per day:

Morning dose
Afternoon dose
Total dose per day Total CBD per day Total THC per day

1.5 mL

1.5 mL

3 mL

150 mg

6 mg

The clinical team will provide a dose reduction plan for month 6.

You must always follow the dosing schedule recommended by the clinical team.

Medicine Information

Download MediCabilis cannabis sativa 50 product information

Contact Details for Study Team

For general enquiries (including general study questions, app related questions)

Dr Hannah Thurgur (Study coordinator) –, 07385613429

For clinical questions (including questions relating to your clinical appointments, dosing schedule, health related queries, side effects, adverse events)

Carol Croser (Research Nurse) –

Dr Elizabeth (Liz) Iveson –

General FAQs

You will be sent a reminder email on the day the monthly questionnaires or daily questions are due. This will be followed up with an email the next day and 3 days after. You can also check the timeline of questionnaires and daily questions on the explore tab of the Eva app. Please answer the monthly questionnaires and daily symptom questions on the due date.

You will be given a start date by Dr Liz Iveson.

You will be given a dosing schedule by Dr Liz Iveson.

Please contact the study doctor (Dr Liz Iveson) or the study nurse (Carol Croser) as quickly as possible, ideally within 24 hours. We ask that you inform us of any adverse events. This includes anything which you think might not be related to the study.

What is DMT therapy?

By Dr Carol Routledge, Chief Medical & Scientific Officer at Small Pharma DMT-assisted therapy is a novel psychedelic therapy which aims to treat a whole suite of mental health problems that we have sadly come to take for granted as part of 21st century life. Early trials are investigating DMT-assisted therapy in the treatment of  …

DHSC announces that the UK will not legalise Snus

DHSC announces that it will not legalise the world’s most successful smoking substitute   The health department has stated that it will not legalise the oral nicotine product snus The product has driven the world’s most dramatic falls in smoking in Scandinavia It is popular among hardcore smokers who do not want to use inhaled  …

Medical Cannabis study Project Twenty21 begins in Australia

7th February 2021 Drug Science’s large scale observational study of medical cannabis has opened its first non-UK operation in Australia Known as Project Twenty21 Australia, it will be run in collaboration with the Australasian College of Cannabinoid Medicine (also known as ACCM, and the research arm of Releaf Group Ltd).   Operational since 2019 in  …

Medical Cannabis Prescribing for GPs

Medical cannabis is fast becoming a frequently asked about topic between patients and GPs in the UK, as demonstrated by the Primary Care Cannabis Network’s 2021 Survey which spoke to over 1000 GPs about their attitudes towards cannabis-based medicines: the survey found that more than two-thirds of GPs in the UK are asked about medical  …

Are psychedelics dangerous? - What the research says

Authors Anne K Schlag, Jacob Aday, Iram Salam, Jo C Neill, David J Nutt Published February 3, 2022 Psychedelic medicines are a rapidly developing area of clinical research and public health policy. Despite an increasing body of studies highlighting their efficacy to treat a broad range of medical conditions, psychedelic drugs remain a controversial issue  …

Driving Performance and Cannabis Users’ Perception of Safety - Review

By Dr Michael White – Adjunct Senior Fellow, School of Psychology, University of Adelaide, South Australia Marcotte et al. (2022): Per se laws are unjust One of the best cannabis-impairment studies that I have encountered (Marcotte et al., 2022) was published online this week, as an open-access article. You can read it here: Driving Performance and  …

Why doctors have a moral imperative to prescribe and support medical cannabis—an essay by David Nutt

Authors David J Nutt Published January 26, 2022 “Medical cannabis has been legal to prescribe since 2018—yet just a handful of prescriptions have been made in three years. The reasons: stigma, fear, and an entrenched resistance in the medical profession that is harming patients” Prof David Nutt – Founder of Drug Science The field of  …

Drug Policy Explained: Legalisation, Decriminalisation, and Prohibition

By Leah Williams What is Drug Policy In law, a policy outlines the rules and guidelines for an act or behaviour. Drug policy explains the different sanctions, criminal or civil, that an individual will face if they break the rules or fail to follow the guidelines around recreational drugs. The government put these sanctions in place in  …

Project Twenty21 - January Update

Get Project Twenty21 Updates via Email We recently announced a change to the pricing model of Project Twenty21. We understand that the news was unwelcome for some patients, especially for those who are prescribed higher dosages or on significantly lower incomes. We take people’s concerns seriously, and recognise that patients would benefit from having more  …

Project Twenty21 in 2022: A Message for Patients

Update What you have helped us achieve so far Our medical cannabis registry, Project Twenty21, was originally designed to run until the end of 2021 (hence the name). As you will know from your own life during the pandemic, the last two years have been full of challenges and obstacles. Project Twenty21 has navigated the  …

Brain and Mind Made Simple - Prof David Nutt

Get Prof Nutt’s new book in the Drug Science bookstore. This webinar was recorded during a Drug Science Live Event which included a live Q&A session from the audience. If you want to ensure that you don’t miss any of our events, so that you can ask your questions live, all you need to do  …

Global Drug Survey 2022 is Live!

The available data for drug-related trends in the UK, and around the world, is extremely lacking. Crime surveys and national statistics have a narrow scope due to the limited data which they collect. Enter the Global Drug Survey (GDS), which collects data directly from people who have experience with drugs and which has become an  …