An unholy triangle? Evidence, politics and uncertainty in drug policy

Professor Nutt’s talk explores the contributions of politics and science to decision making about alcohol and other drugs. Professor Nutt reveals how evidential uncertainties are used to strengthen the political rhetoric and how this process has led to the denial of clinical research and utility to the great detriment of millions of people for many  …

Professor David Nutt: The Roots of Cannabis Policy Change

The Roots of Cannabis Policy Change David’s talk will explore the basis of cannabis being a controlled drug with a focus on the political machinations behind the decision to make it illegal in the 1930s. He will then describe the efforts that the charity he set up in 2009 [] have made to reverse this  …

Professor David Nutt: The New Psychedelic Revolution

Oxford Psychedelic Society and Oxford Psychology Society hosted a special lecture by Prof. David Nutt followed by an extensive one-hour Q&A session on 14th May 2019. Prof. Nutt discusses how various hallucinogens work on the brain as well as legal barriers preventing research into hallucinogens and how researchers can overcome them.

Professor David Nutt: Royal College of Psychiatrists President's Lecture

On 1 November 2018 cannabis products changed in legal status from a controlled drug without medical use to a Schedule 2 medicine has significantly implications for psychiatry. Some of these will be good, e.g. the potential to liberate new treatments for disorders such as schizophrenia and PTSD, but others may be bad such as the  …

Professor David Nutt: 'Not all in the mind' public lecture

The University of Manchester in association with the British Association for Psychopharmacology were proud to welcome Professor David Nutt to deliver a public lecture on brain science. A phenomenal and fearless speaker, David’s talk covers brain science’s contribution to modern psychiatry, and the potential of groundbreaking new treatments.