How has COVID-19 affected drug use?

COVID-19 has changed our lives: from travel bans, social and physical isolation and empty cities to workers laid off and governments scrambling to muster effective responses. The impact that coronavirus has had on people varies widely and differently between countries. Relationships may be placed under new stresses and for those educating children at home, long division will never have seemed so hard

The Drug Science Student Society recently teamed up with the Global Drug Survey to work out what’s been happening to people who use drugs throughout the lockdown. The Global Drug Survey (GDS) Special Edition on COVID-19 was developed as part of a global effort to better understand the impact of the pandemic on people’s lives with a specific focus on the use of alcohol and other drugs, mental health and relationships.

Professor Adam R Winstock is a Consultant Addiction Psychiatrist and Addiction Medicine specialist based in London. He is Honorary Clinical Professor at the Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care, University College London. He has published over 120 papers. He is also founder and director of Global Drug Survey which runs the biggest drug survey in the world. He is also the architect of the free online and smartphone apps DrugsMeter and DrinksMeter and the world’s first safer use cannabis guidelines at