Detailed learning materials on drugs such as cannabis, psilocybin, MDMA, and DMT,  as well as harm reduction strategies, healthcare approaches, and resources for students at all levels

Free Educational Resources

Learn everything you need to have an informed opinion on drugs, without any prior knowledge. Understand the pharmacology, history, and laws which affect drugs, as well as harm reduction strategies and healthcare approaches which can improve public safety.

These resources are free, and they always will be. If you’d like to support the production of more evidence-based resources, consider a donation to Drug Science.

Substance-Specific Resources

Detailed and evidenced-based resources on psychoactive substances which are currently being developed as medicines

Resources for Secondary Schools

These resources have been designed specifically for use in secondary schools so that the next generation has accessed to evidence-based information about drugs

Harm Reduction Resources

Learn about effective strategies to reduce drug-related harms and prevent drug-related fatalities.

Resources for Medical Students

These resources have been designed specifically for those who intend to, or already, work in healthcare systems to provide care which can prevent drug-related harms

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Drug Science Student Society

The Drug Science Student Society is a student-led group which aims to provide evidence-based education on all psychoactive substances.