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End of year update - 2020

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There is little doubt that this last year has been a hugely turbulent one for everyone. At Project Twenty21, we have remained innately focused on delivering our objectives of improving access of medical cannabis for patients, and collecting a substantial evidence base on the efficacy and safety profile of medical cannabis across a range of conditions. Our ultimate aim is that this will open the door for NHS funded medication for everyone who needs it.

We have achieved a huge amount to date, and we are continuing to expand and develop the project. Over the last year we have been working hard towards:

  1. Increasing patient choice

  2. Lowering costs

  3. Generating real-world evidence

  4. Publishing our data

Whilst there is still much more to be done, we are extremely proud of what we have achieved so far.

Lastly, it goes without saying that we always listen to feedback from patients engaging in the project. Every email is read, and if we feel your request/suggestion is suitable for the project we try to implement it.

Greater product choice now available for patients

We are delighted to announce that we have expanded the range of medical products available through Project Twenty21. This means we are now able to offer patients and consultants a wider choice of life-changing medication for different clinical needs.

Our formulary now includes a range of indica & sativa flower products with varying CBD & THC ratios, an increased number of different oils, plus alternative options including a synthetic medication.

In response to patient feedback, smaller quantities of flower products are also now available (10g & 20g) at lower prices for patients, for those who do not require 30g a month.

New partners join the project

We are extremely pleased to welcome new partners Lyphe Group, who have now joined us alongside our existing licensed producer partners supporting Project Twenty21. The partnership between Project Twenty21 and LYPHE will see an abundance of EU-GMP and equivalent GMP medicines added to the project formulary.

Medical Cannabis is now supplied via Project Twenty21 to UK patients by the following licensed producers from across the world.

Dean Friday, CEO of LYPHE said: “The supply of medical cannabis into most of Europe has been met with significant challenges. The supply chain has been slow and unreliable which can cause stress, anxiety and significant risk to the health of patients that depend on medical cannabis. By delivering a British range, NOIDECS can bring comfort to patients and doctors nationwide that there is a reliable supply of their life-changing medicines. Twenty21 is the perfect launching pad to deliver safe and affordable patient access now, and expand access to British patients into the future.”

You can read the official press release here.

Book a doctor’s appointment now

Appointments to see a specialist doctor are available now.  Visit our Clinic Directory to see details of all participating clinics, including details of specialities and consultation fees to help you decide which clinic you would like to register with. All clinics are independently regulated by the Care Quality Commission, and are able to offer a personalised consultation via a private online video link.

When you book an appointment with a clinic, this will generate an online patient health questionnaire to be completed by you before your appointment. Please be aware this email will arrive from a company called CB2 and the system is called Sail (it may be worth checking your spam if you are due an email).  By completing this in advance of your initial appointment, this will save both time and cost to you.

If you receive a prescription from your doctor, it will be sent to a local pharmacy, or one of your choice. Your medication will then be delivered directly to you (UK only).

Click here to visit our Clinic Directory and book an appointment today.

Download the ‘Eva’ app for medical cannabis

Alta Flora (a founding industry partner of Project Twenty21) has launched a digital tool called Eva for patients prescribed medical cannabis.

Eva enables the collection of real-time patient self-reported data on symptoms, interactions with other drugs, and effects on symptoms and Quality of Life.

  1. Add symptoms and medications, with functionality for multiple symptoms and medicine routes of administration/dose/formulation

  2. Track symptom severity and medication use, with accessible data entry on academically validated scales

  3. Explore data for trends through interactive tools across the full history of medication dosages and timings

  4. Assess Quality of Life using validated scales and questionnaires. Eva launches with a clinically valid framework used by NICE in the UK

Gavin Sathianathan, CEO of Alta Flora said:  “We believe that the future of healthcare has to include the voice of the patient. Eva is a tool to help patients speak the language of medicine through data. We are delighted to work with Drug Science on Europe’s leading effort to build a registry and are excited to see how Eva is used by both patients and the healthcare system to improve outcomes.”

Download Eva (free) now on Apple and Google Play.

First data to be published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology

Our first Project Twenty21 publication is due to be released in the new year. Initial results are due to be submitted to the Special Issue on Medical Cannabis of the Journal of Psychopharmacology. This paper presents the first scientific publication about T21.

In this publication, we will provide an introduction to medical cannabis, highlighting its controversial history, which contributed to the challenges medical cannabis users are still facing today. We will also highlight the particularly challenging state of medical cannabis in the UK, which inspired the development of T21, leading Drug Science and the Medical Cannabis Working Group to develop this large-scale database.

We emphasise the benefits of choosing this observational approach, contrasting this methodology with randomised controlled trials. Our current method, including the database development, is discussed in some detail, as it will offer an essential background for future T21 publications. This is followed by an analysis of the characteristics of the ‘first T21 patients’ in terms of diagnoses and cannabinoid ‘types’ used across different primary conditions. Limitations and avenues for future outputs are discussed.

On behalf of the whole Drug Science team, we wish you a safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year.

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