Participant Information Leaflet

Download the leaflet for everything you need to know about this study

Titration Schedule

Table showing month 1 dosing schedule:

Days Morning dose
Afternoon dose
Total dose per day Total CBD per day Total THC per day

1 - 3

0.2 mL

0.2 mL

0.4 mL

20 mg

0.8 mg

4 -7

0.5 mL

0.5 mL

1 mL

50 mg

2 mg

8 - 11

0.8 mL

0.8 mL

1.6 mL

80 mg

3.2 mg

12 - 15

1 mL

1 mL

2 mL

100 mg

4 mg

The clinical team will decide the dose you stay on for months 2-5. The correct dosing schedule must be followed.

Your dose may be increased to a total dose of 3 mL per day. This would be decided by the clinical judgement of the study doctor.


Table showing dosing schedule for 3 mL per day:

Morning dose
Afternoon dose
Total dose per day Total CBD per day Total THC per day

1.5 mL

1.5 mL

3 mL

150 mg

6 mg

The clinical team will provide a dose reduction plan for month 6.

You must always follow the dosing schedule recommended by the clinical team.

Medicine Information

Download MediCabilis cannabis sativa 50 product information

Contact Details for Study Team

For general enquiries (including general study questions, app related questions)

Dr Hannah Thurgur (Study coordinator) –, 07385613429

For clinical questions (including questions relating to your clinical appointments, dosing schedule, health related queries, side effects, adverse events)

Carol Croser (Research Nurse) –

Dr Elizabeth (Liz) Iveson –

General FAQs

You will be sent a reminder email on the day the monthly questionnaires or daily questions are due. This will be followed up with an email the next day and 3 days after. You can also check the timeline of questionnaires and daily questions on the explore tab of the Eva app. Please answer the monthly questionnaires and daily symptom questions on the due date.

You will be given a start date by Dr Liz Iveson.

You will be given a dosing schedule by Dr Liz Iveson.

Please contact the study doctor (Dr Liz Iveson) or the study nurse (Carol Croser) as quickly as possible, ideally within 24 hours. We ask that you inform us of any adverse events. This includes anything which you think might not be related to the study.

No one should drive whilst impaired. Like any other medications that may cause impairment, do not drive or operate a vehicle if you feel impaired or are unsure if you feel impaired. You must always follow your physician’s advice and the dosing schedule they have provided. If you have any questions on the advice below then please contact the clinical team.


The MediCabilis Cannabis Sativa 50 product contains 50 mg/ml CBD and 2 mg/ml THC. This means that there is a small amount of THC present. CBD does not impair driving. However, THC can cause impairment for driving whilst the potential intoxicating effect is still present. Therefore, you must avoid driving (or other hazards such as operating machinery) if you feel “under the influence” or impaired.


There is a legal limit for THC (2 micrograms per litre). There are problems with this measure as THC can be detected in the blood for days after the acute effect has worn off (depends on dose and other factors). This is because THC is stored in fat cells and will come out of those cells over several days after the dose. So, it is possible to be over the legal limit even though you have no “intoxicating” effects left.


It is also advisable to carry around a copy of your Medical Cannabis prescription in your vehicle.

Medical cannabis is a controlled drug and your prescription is valid only within the UK. Travel advice for medical cannabis will depend on where you are going.


Travelling with medical cannabis is possible depending on the destination. Check the legality of cannabis in the country you are travelling to and contact the embassy in advance about travelling with your prescription medical cannabis. If you plan to travel outside the UK, please contact all relevant authorities including the home office, the embassies of countries you will visit or transit in (i.e. transferring flights in other countries), your airline or other travel carrier to ensure you are compliant with the relevant laws and regulations regarding your medical cannabis prescription.   


When travelling ensure that the medication is kept in the original container and bring a copy of your prescription. Please get in touch with the study team with any questions before you travel.