The Medical Psychedelics Working Group is a cross-sector collaboration, which includes scientific experts, academics, policy makers and leaders of patient advocacy groups alongside industry partners


The group’s aim is to break down the barriers of 50 years of medical censorship by creating a rational and enlightened approach to psychedelic research and clinical treatment, ensuring the UK is a world leader in psychedelic medicine. The group will explore innovation within the psychedelic space with a specific focus on how psychedelics can be integrated into primary and secondary healthcare. Evidence-based science, sharing data, and strong partnerships are keys to success for the psychedelic community.

Drug Science believes that the future of psychedelic medicine is extremely promising, and there is potential for widespread application of psychedelic drugs within public health models. The UK is a world leader in the development of clinical psychedelic research, which is now expanding globally.

However, current UK regulations have created serious and considerable barriers to legitimate research associated with Schedule 1 regulations. While current legislation does not preclude scientific research with these drugs, it does make them significantly more difficult, time-consuming and costly to study.

With a greater understanding amongst policy makers, academics, the media and the general public, there are realistic prospects of regulatory approval, leading to the evidenced possibility that medical psychedelics can be used safely, feasibly and with the potential for lasting therapeutic benefits.


Scientific Committee

Prof Jo Neill (Chair)

Professor of Psychopharmacology

Prof David Nutt

Professor of Neuro-psychopharmacology

Prof David Nichols

Co-founder, Heffter Research Institute

Prof Val Curran

Professor of Psychopharmacology

Prof Fiona Measham

Chair in Criminology

Prof Adam Winstock

Consultant Psychiatrist and Addiction Medicine Specialist and Founder Global Drug Survey 

Prof Celia Morgan

Professor of Psychopharmacology

Dr David Erritzoe

Clinical Director, Centre for Psychedelic Research

Dr Dennis McKenna

Co-Founder, Heffter Research Institute

Dr James Rucker

Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Tim Williams

Consultant Addiction Psychiatrist

Dr Mourad Wahba

Sub Lead Investigator, COMPASS

Dr Meg Spriggs

Research Associate, Centre for Psychedelic Research

Dr David Luke
Dr David Luke

Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr Simon Ruffell

Psychiatric Doctor

Dr Henrik Jungaberle

Director, MIND Foundation

Dr Sara Tai

Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology & Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Ros Watts Synthesis Institute
Dr Ros Watts

Clinical Director of Synthesis Institute

Roz Gittins

Director of Pharmacy, Humankind

Liam Modlin


Policy Specialists

Jeff Smith MP

Labour MP, Manchester Withington

Crispin Blunt MP

Conservative MP, Reigate

Rudi Fortson QC

Visiting Professor of Law, QMUL

Steve Rolles

Senior Policy Analyst, Transform

Tadeusz Hawrot

Senior Advocacy Coordinator, EFNA

Timmy Davis

Psilocybin Lead, CDPRG

Craig Whittall

Policy and Programme Officer
Imperial College London

Chris Koddermann

Co-founder, International Therapeutic
Psilocybin Rescheduling Initiative

Patient Advocates

Keith Abraham

CEO, Heroic Hearts Project UK

Guy Murray

Integration Coach, Heroic Hearts Project UK

Dr Lauren Macdonald

Psychiatric Doctor

Leonie Schneider

Operations, Alalaho

Spencer Hawkswell

CEO, Therapsil

Ian Roullier

Founder, PsyPAN


The Medical Psychedelics Working Group is supported by unrestricted educational grants from the following partners: