#39 - Underground Psychotherapy

Photo of Friederike Meckel Fischer

How can you study yourself and deal with the problems buried deep inside of you? In this week’s episode, Dr Meckel Fischer and Professor Nutt hope to answer these puzzling questions!


Who is Friederike Meckel Fischer? 

Friederike Meckel Fischer is a German psychotherapist who also trained as a medical doctor. Her career involved multiple techniques in psychotherapy including Holotropic Breathwork, hypnotherapy and family constellation work.

Most notably, by the means of setting up a private underground practice in Zurich, Switzerland she developed her own way of psychotherapy using psychoactive substances. In this week’s episode, she describes the very innovative approaches to her work focusing on patient’s deeper understanding of themselves. Make sure to listen in if you want to find out more!


Underground MDMA-, LSD- and 2-CB-assisted individual and group psychotherapy in Zurich: Outcomes, implications and commentary – Article by Friederike Meckel Fischer and Ben Sessa 

Depth psychology  

Holotropic breathwork 


Systemic therapy 

Transpersonal therapy 

Behaviour therapy 

Family constellations 






Dr Joe Dispenza 


Therapy with Substance: Psycholytic Psychotherapy in the Twenty-First Century - book by Friederike Meckel Fischer 

Stanislav Grof 

Peter Gasser 


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