#5 - Psychedelics Live Show: Part 1

What is the role of psychedelics in medicine? The question professor David Nutt, Michelle Baker Jones and Matt Jackson will be discussing, in the first EVER live Drug Science podcast recording!

The world is entering a new phase of psychiatric treatments. Traditional pharmacology is currently unable to address the decline of mental health and wellbeing. Professor Nutt has assembled some of the best and brightest minds in psychedelic science and wellbeing to address the question- Do Psychedelics have a role to play in mental health and wellbeing?

Guests Include: 

Michelle Baker Jones

Michelle is an integrative psycho-therapeutic counsellor. She is a member of the Imperial Colleges Psychedelic Research Team exploring the therapeutic potential of psilocybin. She also offers individual integration sessions for people who are struggling to process Psychedelic experiences.

Special Guest – Matt Jackson

A participant from the Psilocybin for Treatment-Resistant Depression study. Matt, a self-confessed sceptic, sheds some light on what it is like to be given psilocybin in a clinical setting.

To find out more about the film Magic Medicine, visit https://magicmedicine.net/

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