74. Welcome to Season 4 with Dr Thurgur and Prof Neill


Welcome to season 4 of the Drug Science Podcast! In this episode, we’re introducing our new hosts: Professor Jo Neill and Dr Hannah Thurgur!

Jo Neill is a professor of psychopharmacology at the University of Manchester and the chair of the Medical Psychedelics Working Group of Drug Science. Following years of clinical and scientific experience, Jo decided to focus on spreading knowledge about the use of psychedelic medicines to tackle the mental health crisis head-on!

Hannah Thurgur is a doctor of neuroscience. After finishing her studies her research focus shifted from the lab to working with patients in clinical trials involving medical cannabis and psychedelics. She is the study coordinator for the Drug Science Long Covid study which aims to test a high cannabidiol (CBD) containing medical cannabis oil to see if it can improve the symptoms of this challenging condition.

Tune in to meet Jo and Hannah and hear about the upcoming events, podcasts, and plans for Drug Science!


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