Project Twenty21 - January Update

We recently announced a change to the pricing model of Project Twenty21. We understand that the news was unwelcome for some patients, especially for those who are prescribed higher dosages or on significantly lower incomes.

We take people’s concerns seriously, and recognise that patients would benefit from having more time to work through the inevitable financial implications. So we have agreed with the project’s partners that the pricing model will not come into effect until 1st March.

In addition to this extension, between now and March, Drug Science will be continuing discussions with Project Twenty21 partners. We do appreciate all that you say, and are collectively working hard to alleviate these issues where possible. We hope to make a more welcome statement as soon as possible.

We are committed to ensuring that Project Twenty21 can continue for as long as it is is able to, so that we can collect the essential data needed to influence NHS funding for medical cannabis. And if we can successfully advocate for future changes that benefit enrolled patients, we will.

Patient quote of the month

"Cannabis has given me my life back. I exercise, go out socially, and am getting back to work”
- Multiple Sclerosis patient, aged 62

If you’re a T21 patient, you can share your own experience with us by filling out this form.

Our December data

This month's data nugget

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that can develop after exposure to any traumatic event. Symptoms include re-experiencing the trauma (e.g., nightmares, flashbacks), avoidance of trauma related stimuli, cognitive and mood changes and alterations in arousal and reactivity (e.g., irritability, difficulties concentrating).

It is relatively common in the general population with estimates suggesting that 5-10% of the general population may experience PTSD in their lifetime while some groups (e., war veterans) have heightened rates of this condition.
Some anecdotal and observational studies some studies indicate that prescribed cannabis is a promising treatment for PTSD. But the quality of this evidence has been judged low and potentially subject to bias.

So, when it comes to the judging the safety and efficacy of cannabinoids for the treatment of PTSD, there is a need for high quality data.

NEW: Medical Cannabis training course

Last week saw the launch of a new Medical Cannabis module with Sativa Learning. It’s a fantastic CPD-accredited resource for medical professionals wishing to learn how to become a medical cannabis prescriber, and includes over 2 hours of video content and first-hand accounts from Project Twenty21 prescribers and patients. The course has been developed by industry experts and takes a deep dive into 10 conditions for which cannabis has been shown to be effective.

Sativa Learning’s Founder and CEO, Ryan McCreanor, said: "We are delighted to launch our CPD Accredited Medical Cannabis Course in conjunction with the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society. We believe the medical cannabis industry should be patient centric and we wanted to be sure their voices were heard.”

Events & Webinars

A huge thank you to everyone who attended our 'Medical Cannabis Prescribing for GPs' virtual evening conference last week. We will be putting the webinar recording up on the Drug Science YouTube channel soon for anyone who missed it! 

Medical Cannabis Explained (training for medical professionals) - 27th January 
Our next CPD certified training session for medical professionals is a perfect opportunity for doctors to ask questions face-to-face with our Clinical Director, Prof Mike Barnes. Find out more and register.

The Truth About Drugs - 9th February (for students)
Prof David Nutt and Honorary Research Assistant, Hannah Thurgur, will be at the University of Bath exploring what evidence-based drug policy means and the work going on at the moment through Drug Science. The event is open to all but aimed primarily at students. Register for free.

COMING SOON: Drug Science virtual conference on cannabis - 23rd March
Speakers will include Prof David Nutt, Prof Mike Barnes and many special guests from various leading organisations. More details to be announced soon!

Drug Policy London Symposium - 24th April (RESCHEDULED: in-person & live-streamed)
Our Honorary Research Assistant, Rayyan Zafar, is on the speaker line-up for this London-based event run by the Psychedelic Society. Rayyan will be speaking at this conference-style event about why we've only seen 3 whole plant medical cannabis prescriptions in the past 3 years and what needs to change to enable better access to this medicine. Buy tickets here.

How can you help?

As we analyse the data and receive more and more stories from patients, the importance of Project Twenty21 has never been clearer.

If you’d like to support Project Twenty21, to help us gather evidence for medical cannabis to be covered by the NHS, please consider a donation to Drug Science. Every little bit helps us continue the essential work that we do.


Missed our December update? Read what we were up to last month here.