Project Twenty21 - March Update

Spring is definitely here - our website has undergone a Spring-clean, we're continuing to see encouraging results from our data analysis and there are lots of events (both virtual and in-person) on the horizon where we'll be spreading the word about medical cannabis.

We've got good news, that we’ve updated the range of medicines offered on the Twenty21 Formulary to provide more choice to patients. And there's no change in prescriptions costs for now, as we continue talks with our partners.

The medical cannabis market is looking stable and strong. We’re in no doubt that the study is playing a vital part in the creation of a vibrant and competitive UK medical cannabis market, which only makes us more determined to ensure its longevity. We want to thank you all for your continued support of the work we're doing, especially to the 2400 patients who give us their data every three months - we couldn't do this without you!

Patient quote of the month

"I am finally seizure-free, I have my memories back and I am now living independently raising my son. Medical cannabis has given me my life.”
- Sophie, Epilepsy patient, aged 30

If you’re a T21 patient, you can share your own experience with us by filling out this form.

Our February data

This month's data nugget

Our website refresh

Our new-look website has just launched, making it even easier to join Project Twenty21. Our new clinic filtering system will help you choose the clinic from our Directory that’s right for you.

We’ve officially opened up our eligibity criteria to cover any condition that can be treated with medical cannabis at one of our prescribing clinics.

Prof David Nutt on Liz Earle’s Wellbeing Show

Earlier this month, Prof David Nutt was on Liz Earle's podcast talking about Project Twenty21 and medical cannabis, as well as psychedelics and microdosing. It was a really brilliant conversation - listen from around halfway through if you want to skip to the bit about medical cannabis.

Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby!

Journalist and cannabis activist, Ruby Deevoy, has been doing an amazing job at raising awareness of our medical cannabis research with children diagnosed with severe epilepsy. She attended our event at the House of Lords last month, alongside other journalists, MPs, charities and industry leaders to discuss what can be done to address the issue of lacking NHS prescriptions.

Last weekend, The Mirror published Ruby's article highlighting the story of Clover, one of the children in our 2020 research following 21 children with rare forms of epilepsy. Clover has had an incredible response to her whole plant cannabis oil, now only having one or two seizures a week and sometimes going up to 10 days seizure-free. She is among up to 40% of epileptic children who don’t respond to conventional pharmaceutical drugs.

Ruby's full piece was published in Leafie this week, which includes an interview with Drug Science Honorary Research Assistant, Rayyan Zafar, who presented alongside Prof David Nutt at the House of Lords event last month. We're proud to have so many passionate and dedicated people working with us at Drug Science and furthering our mission to make these medicines accessible on the NHS.

Are you sure you're with Project Twenty21?

In last month’s update, we mentioned that some medical cannabis patients are under the impression that they have been signed up to Project Twenty21 when in actual fact they have never been registered. Since then we’ve had lots of patients contact us to say they haven’t been receiving questionnaires, and we’re actively working with those patients and their clinics to ensure they are now correctly registered with the project.
If you’re not receiving questionnaires to fill in every 3 months, then it is unlikely you are registered with the project. Make sure you contact your clinic to check you are a Project Twenty21 patient and they can set this up for you if you’re not already on our system. You can email our team if you need our support.

That way you can join the 2400 patients already contributing their data to help us move closer to our goal of medical cannabis access on the NHS.

Events & Webinars

The Truth About Cannabis: virtual conference - 23rd March
An evening discussing all things cannabis, from many different perspectives in the industry Speakers will include Prof David Nutt, Prof Mike Barnes and many special guests from various leading industry organisations. Register to attend for free here.

The Future of Medical Cannabis in the UK: Improving Patient Wellbeing and Supporting Innovation - 24th March
The Drug Science team will be presenting on the latest data from Project Twenty21 and our wider medical cannabis research. This virtual symposium will enable medical professionals, legislative figures, campaigners and other key stakeholders the opportunity to review both existing and potential policy on medical cannabis, aiming to practically address concerns and formulate strategies for future innovation. Register for your place here.

The CBD Show - 22nd/23rd April
Rayyan Zafar, Dr Hannah Thurgur and Mags Houston from the Drug Science team will be taking part in a panel discussing access to medical cannabis and the latest research from Drug Science. The show is FREE to attend and runs over 2 days. The Drug Science panel will take place 2-2.45pm on Friday 22nd.
Get your free ticket here.

Action For Change: Drug Policy London Symposium (in-person & live-streamed) - 24th April
Our Honorary Research Assistant, Rayyan Zafar, is on the speaker line-up for this London-based event run by the Psychedelic Society. Rayyan will be speaking at this conference-style event about why we've only seen 3 whole plant medical cannabis prescriptions in the past 3 years and what needs to change to enable better access to this medicine. Hosted by Head of Project Twenty21, Mags Houston.  Buy tickets here.

Medical Cannabis Explained (training for medical professionals) - 4th May
Our next CPD certified training session for medical professionals is a perfect opportunity for doctors to ask questions face-to-face with our Clinical Director, Prof Mike Barnes. Find out more and register.

Mental Health & Wellbeing Show Cardiff - 10th May
Drug Science will have a stand at the MHW Show in Cardiff this year! So if you're Wales-based then pop in to see us, grab a flyer, talk to us about Project Twenty21 and ask us any questions you might have about the research we're doing. Find out more here.

How can you help?

As we analyse the data and receive more and more stories from patients, the importance of Project Twenty21 has never been clearer.

If you’d like to support Project Twenty21, to help us gather evidence for medical cannabis to be covered by the NHS, please consider a donation to Drug Science. Every little bit helps us continue the essential work that we do.


Missed our February update? Read what we were up to last month here.

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