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Know Your Rights: Medical Cannabis

The rollout of Cannabis-Based Prescribed Medicines has been tumultuous and has left patients, employers, and UK police forces confused regarding their rights and the law. This document aims to alleviate some of that confusion.

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Let us know if you’re having any difficulties accessing or using Sail for submitting your patient data as part of T21. Please add your email in the text so we can contact you.

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Fill out this form to give feedback about the quality of your product – this will be sent directly to the relevant licensed producer and dispensing pharmacy. Please note this form is not for customer service or clinic feedback.

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Print at home and put up on notice boards, in doctors’ surgeries, in your Student Union, on your neighbour’s front door or wherever else we can get people’s attention!

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Our YouTube playlist features videos from patients and clinicians speaking about how and why they joined T21.

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