The Drug Science Podcast Episode #2 - Drug Testing at Festivals

The latest episode of The Drug Science Podcast, Drug Testing at Festivals, is out now.

Professor David Nutt sits down with Fiona Measham, Anna Wade & Janine Milburn for an in depth look into why drug testing is so vital at festivals and beyond. Topics discussed include; Janine’s views following her daughters accidental overdose, how drug testing works at The Loop’s facilities, tackling the idea that the practice sends ‘mixed messages’, what happens in other countries & the results The Loop are seeing from their work.

Fiona Measham is a Professor of criminology at Durham University. She has also founded the drug testing facility The Loop with the aim of educating and therefor reducing the harms of drugs in festivals and city centres.

Anna Wade is the PR manager for Boomtown Fair and has been working there for the past 9 years. She has worked alongside The Loop since 2017.

Janine Milburn’s daughter was one of two people who died from ‘2 high dose’ pills of ecstasy at Mutiny Festival in 2018. She has since been outspoken about her views on harm reduction, and advocates for front of house drug testing at festivals. Georgia Jones – Don’t Go With The Flo

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This podcast was produced by Fascinate Productions.