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Chronic pain is complex. We combine the latest pain science with groundbreaking medical cannabis treatment. Our goal is to help you live your best life.
We offer comprehensive treatment plans that go beyond just medical cannabis, targeting the root cause of your pain. Your goals and your voice are always heard.
We combine medication with comprehensive support from our team of renowned doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, and nurses.
We want you to feel safe. We understand the devastating impact that chronic pain can have. Our team have years of experience working in the NHS, private practice and the voluntary sector. We strive to deliver excellence in care.
We were the UK’s first CQC-registered online pain clinic, rated ‘Good’ overall and ‘Outstanding’ for Well-Led.

How it works

Your journey starts with an initial consultation with a Consultant in pain medicine online via video call. At the consultation you’ll explore your pain, past experiences, treatment and future goals. 

You’ll agree a treatment plan grounded in the latest pain science. The treatment plan will reduce unhelpful and potentially harmful medication and may include a prescription for medical cannabis. 

If prescribed, we’ll explain any additional costs for you to decide.



Dr Arun Bhaskar, Consultant in Pain Management & President of the British Pain Society

Dr Charlotte Small, Consultant in Anaesthesia and pain management

Dr Sarah Aturia, Consultant in Anaesthesia and pain management

Dr Alifia Tameem, Consultant in Anaesthesia 


Initial consultation: £99 for new patients / £39 for patients transferring from another T21-registered clinic

Quarterly follow-up consultation: £99

Repeat prescriptions (when there is no follow-up consultation): FREE (cost of medication applies)