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MyAccess Clinics is a leading UK medial cannabis treatment clinic, offering affordable specialist care for people suffering from a range of pain and psychiatric conditions. Our medical director, Dr Arora, was one of the first ever Doctors to prescribe medical cannabis in the UK and has been a thought leader for patients and doctors alike since 2019.

MyAccess Clinics offers virtual nation-wide consultations, within the privacy of your own home. Our clinic is open to assessing patients who have tried at least two treatments which have not managed to meet their clinical needs. We take into consideration prescribed medications and other alternative therapies e.g., physiotherapy & CBT.



Dr Sunil Arora, Pain Specialist, Medical Director and T21 Lead Clinician for MyAccess Clinics



Initial consultation: £99 (or £49 for patients transferring from another T21-registered clinic) – up to 40mins

Follow-up consultation: £50 – up to 20 mins

Repeat prescriptions (when there is no follow-up consultation): £30 outside of the shared care pathway

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