Private GP

Private GP

Description Ltd is the first company in the UK to provide Medical Cannabis within a truly multidisciplinary setting inside a fully operational 25-year-old Private Medical Practice. The practice facilitates leading-edge change in the medical world, being very well known for its work in Chronic Illness and Biological Systems Medicine, also known as Functional Medicine. It is because of our leading-edge work in this area, that we have understood the importance of the endocannabinoid systems, and the consequent importance and relevance of Medical Cannabis with its potential for healing and helping human suffering. We were the first UK Medical Practice in the whole of the UK to become registered with the Care Quality Commission. Our reputation for long-term high standards of Service Provision, provide a perfect setting upon which to deliver a service for UK patients who require Medical Cannabis.



Dr Madhusudhan Mali, Pain Specialist

Dr Aashish Odedra, Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Julia Piper, GP prescriber

Dr Simon Khela, GP prescriber



Initial consultation: £150

Follow-up consultation, every 3 months: £100

£20 discount off the initial consultation price is available to students with a valid student ID. Students must request discount at the point of registering with the clinic before booking their initial consultation. The clinic may choose to withhold this offer at any time.