Resilience Medicine


Resilience Medicine Clinics is an integrative cannabinoid medicine clinic founded by Dr. Dani Gordon, the UK’s most experienced cannabinoid medicine doctor who is also a leading international expert in Integrative Medicine.  We specialise in chronic fatigue spectrum illnesses, Womens health, mental health, fibromyalgia and complex chronic disease management with a focus on improving quality of life, energy levels and resilience.

All consultations take place online.



Dr. Dani Gordon- Cannabinoid Medicine, Integrative Medicine, GP

Dr. Antonio Metastasio-Psychiatry and Geriatrics

Dr. Elie Okirie- Neurology and Pain



Initial consultation: £399
*Please note this includes a full integrative and cannabinoid medicine assessment with Dr. Gordon with an integrative cannabinoid treatment plan and report from Dr. Gordon. It also includes the first specialist visit (since Dr. Gordon is registered as GP in the UK so you must see the specialist to initiate your prescription. Dr. Gordon can then see you for follow ups) and writing your first cannabis prescription. 

Follow-up consultation: £150

Repeat prescriptions (when there is no follow-up consultation): £30

Twenty21 transfer: £150 

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