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Pain is a complex condition resulting from a wide range of causes that requires a holistic approach in terms of diagnosis and treatment. Treatment options often include a combination of physical therapy, pain medication including medicinal cannabis, targeted injection therapy and pain psychology. The London Orthopaedic Clinic has been providing quality orthopaedic and pain management to patients for the past 12 years in central London. As a cross-speciality service, we are happy to see any patient whose pain requirements have not been adequately addressed either within the NHS or by their current provider.



Dr Deane Halfpenny, Consultant in Musculoskeletal Pain Medicine



Initial consultation: £250

Follow-up consultation: £195

£20 discount off the initial consultation price is available to students with a valid student ID. Students must request discount at the point of registering with the clinic before booking their initial consultation. The clinic may choose to withhold this offer at any time.

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