The Medical Cannabis Clinics



The Medical Cannabis Clinics is the largest group of prescribing medical cannabis doctors in the UK, and offer cannabis-based therapy and care for patients suffering from pain, neurological and psychiatric conditions. Treatment plans are safe, personalised and deliver results. Appointments are quick and simple to schedule, with consultations via online video link, or in one of seven locations across the UK.



Dr Alan Fayaz, Pain Specialist
Dr Andrew Bradford, Complex Care / Neurology-rehab
Dr Angela Papastefanou, Psychiatry
Dr Anup Mathew, Psychiatry
Dr Attam Singh, Musculoskeletal and neuropathic pain
Dr Augustin Iqbal, Pain Consultant
Dr David Tang, Pain Specialist
Dr Fariha Kamal, Psychiatry
Dr Farrah Ayob, Pain Consultant
Dr Jing Lee, Pain Consultant
Dr Liz Iveson, Complex Care, Neurology-rehab
Dr Luisa Searle, Psychiatry and substance misuse
Dr Neel Umapathy, Pain Specialist
Dr Niraj Singh, Psychiatry – Autism Specialist
Dr Rebecca Moore, Psychiatry
Dr Sally Ghazaleh, Pain Consultant
Dr Shankar Ramaswamy, Pain Specialist & Anaesthetist
Dr Sunny Nayee, Pain Consultant
Dr Tahzid Ahsan, Psychiatry



Initial consultation: £70 (up to 30 mins)

Follow-up consultation (every 3 months): £49 (up to 15 mins)

Repeat prescription fee (when there is no follow-up consultation): £30

Nurse-led aftercare appointments: Free (up to 15 mins)Apply Now


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