Medical Rehabilitation

Description Medical Rehabilitation is an independent consultant lead clinic, which offers both conventional pharmacological and cannabis-based medicines. The clinic offers services for adult patients with chronic pain and headache, migraine, neuropathic pain, epilepsy, sleep and functional disorders amongst other conditions. The clinic offers: Remote appointments. Face to face appointments in Taunton if required. Conventional treatments,  …

My Access Clinics

Initial Consultation: £99
T21 Transfer: £49

Repeat Prescriptions: Free

MyAccess Clinics is a leading UK medical cannabis treatment clinic, offering affordable specialist care for people suffering from a range of pain and psychiatric conditions.

Location: Online

Solihull Health Check Clinic

Initial Consultation: £225
Follow-up Consultation: £95
Repeat Prescriptions: £30

Solihull Health Check Clinic Cardiff is a safe, supportive environment providing patients access to cannabis-based medicines.

Location: Solihull/online

The London Resilience Clinic

Initial Consultation: £399
Follow-up Consultation: £150
Repeat Prescriptions: £30

Resilience Medicine Clinics specialise in chronic fatigue spectrum illnesses, Womens health, mental health, fibromyalgia and complex chronic disease management with a focus on improving quality of life, energy levels and resilience.

Location: Online


Initial Consultation: £250
Follow-up Consultation: £150
Repeat prescriptions: Free

Zerenia is the first international medical cannabis clinic in the UK.

Location: Online