Women in Psychedelic Science - Part 2

This is the second Women in Psychedelic Science symposium to showcase the ground-breaking and outstanding work of women in psychedelics. The symposium provides a clinical perspective of psychedelic therapy, as well as developments in psychedelic fieldwork.


Psychedelic therapy – Clinical trials:

Dr Sara Tai 

A clinical psychologist and expert in psychotherapy in clinical trials of psychedelic medicine discusses the importance of a theoretically-driven approach to psychedelic therapy.

Dr Katrin Preller

An expert in the neurobiology of psychedelics, currently working on a clinical trial of psilocybin for alcohol use disorder discusses how the mechanisms of psychedelics may influence the therapeutic approach in psilocybin therapy.

Michelle Baker-Jones and Leonie Schneider

Q&A featuring Michelle Baker-Jones, psychotherapeutic counsellor and Leonie Schneider, a patient from Psilocybin for depression trial. Michelle was a guide for Leonie and together they share an account of what it is like to take part in a psychedelic clinical trial.



Psychedelic fieldwork:

Prof Nicole T. Buchanan

A psychologist whose research includes the interplay of race, gender, victimization and racialized sexual harassment. Prof Buchanan discusses the pressing need to address diversity in psychedelic research and how this can be achieved.

Dr Kate Pate 

A neurophysiologist, director of research at Heroic Hearts Project (USA) and combat trauma expert discusses ongoing research at Heroic Hearts investigating the effect of ayahuasca on the gut microbiome.

Sophia Vasiliou 

A therapist at Awakened Potential who specializes in alternative modalities provides her unique perspective from her time spent with the Shipibo in the Peruvian Amazon.