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Helping disseminate evidence-based drug education to the people who need it is a crucial part of what we’re about at Drug Science. We hope to reach students, medical professionals, academics, politicans and just about anybody who will listen. So, when it comes to drugs, we can be striving for a world where everyone is properly informed and has the tools to share their knowledge.

The Drug Science Podcast

In each episode, Prof. David Nutt is joined by world-renowned experts to discuss research, harm reduction, drug policy, and the science behind drugs. Donating to Drug Science supports the show and allows us to release all our podcast episodes for free and without advertisements. Our most philanthropic donors will be asked to join Dave on exclusive ‘Ask Dave Anything‘ podcast episodes.

Find our latest episode below:

Educational Modules 

A core principle of Drug Science is that information about drugs ought to be freely accessible to all. To ensure this, we created the Drug Info Directory to teach people the basics about some of the world’s most widely used psychoactive substances. 

However, some people are looking for something more than just the basics. For these people, we have created ‘Educational Modules’, which teach people about the pharmacology, history, and laws which affect drugs, as well as harm reduction strategies and healthcare approaches aimed to improve public safety. 

*These modules are designed at a university level. 


Are you interested in learning more about the ways in which drugs impact the mind, the legal system or society at large? Look no further than our books, which cover these topics and much more! 

Our founder, Prof David Nutt has written several books on these topics including his magnum opus – ‘Drugs Without the Hot Air‘, an insightful exploration of the wonderful world of drug science.

Our newest book ‘Drug Science and British Drug Policy‘ challenges long-outmoded ideas. Demonstrating political and media distortions the book calls for fresh thinking and urgent reform. 

Whether you’re working in this area or are simply curious about the topic, these reads are sure to expand your knowledge.



Drug Science exists to campaign for a more rational, evidence-based approach to drug policy and drug use.

It is frustrating to say the least that still, in the 21st century, the debate on drugs, both legal and illegal, is coloured by political and moral concerns, and often ignores the evidence. Through our video series, we hope to further contribute to raising the profile of science and lived experience in public discourse, providing information on the actual harms and potential benefits of various drugs, challenging the myths that surround classification and legislation, and exploring the societal impact of drug policy that does not reflect the truth about drugs.

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