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Student Society Network

The Drug Science Student Society Network (SSN) is an international network of university student societies relating to drug policy, science and research, all of which are aligned with Drug Science’s mission.


We provide education for students around evidence-based drug policy and drug science, equipping them with the tools they need to influence policy makers, governing bodies and thought leaders. Read more about our mission and objectives here

You can join as a society and/or as an individual. We use Whatsapp Community to communicate and share information and resources. Click on the button below to apply to join – once verified by our team, you will be added to the Whatsapp group. Societies are welcome to have their own channel within our Whatsapp Community group.

Any student society can apply to join the network, providing they meet the criteria laid out in the SSN Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). To become a member society, download and complete the MoU, then send to us as a PDF or Word document, so that Drug Science can confirm your membership.

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Monthly Newsletter

We send out regular updates about what the SSN are up to – if you would like to receive these and hear more about what our societies are doing, subscribe below.

Our Resources

Our team has created resources for new members and any student interested in learning more about drug science, policy and research. These include drug information, harm reduction advice, recommended reading/listening/watching and some of the latest research highlights in areas like psychedelics and medical cannabis.

Ben Clayden – SSN Co-Chair

Ben Clayden – SSN Co-Chair

Ben is studying for an MSci in Natural Sciences specialising in Neuroscience at the University of York. He has a key interest in neuropsychopharmacology, particularly the neural correlates of altered states of consciousness including psychedelics and sleep, alongside their related clinical applications. Currently the President of the University of York’s Drug Science Society, as well as the Creator and Owner of the Psychedelic Frontiers Podcast, Ben is dedicated and focused to educating on the science, safety and applications of psychedelic and psychoactive compounds.

Harvey Berrington – SSN Co-Chair

Harvey Berrington – SSN Co-Chair

Harvey is working as a trainee clinical scientist in the NHS whilst undergoing a part time postgraduate degree in medical physics at Newcastle University, having completed an undergraduate degree in Physics at the University of York. He is specialising in radiation safety and diagnostic radiology, which involves ensuring that the clinical use of x-rays and other radioactive materials in hospital settings are safe for patients and the public, as well as ensuring that the equipment is suitable for clinical use. Harvey plans to use his medical physics background to get involved in psychedelic therapy, and eventually move into medical legislation around hard to access medicines and wider drug policy.

 Macey Webb – SSN Education Officer

 Macey Webb – SSN Education Officer

Macey is a third year MSci neuroscience student at the university of Bristol. She has particular interests in becoming a research scientist in uncovering the cellular mechanisms undergone during a psychedelic experience that cause their clinical outcomes. Not only this but she also has an interest in disease and defence and how psychedelics can affect physical as well as mental well being. Complementing this research is approaching how as a society we think and interact with drugs; this has lead to her passion and enthusiasm for harm reduction and education of drug use.

Ewan Fawcett

Ewan is studying an MSc in Novel Therapies at Imperial College London after completing his BSc in Pharmacology, specialising in neuropharmacology. He has a particular interests in understanding how psychedelics exert their therapeutic effects and their de-modularity of brain communication. As head of neuropsychopharmacology for Imperial’s Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) society and co-host of the recent Student Psychedelic Conference, Ewan appreciates the importance of public engagement to educate and inspire others in a field undergoing profound changes to policy, perception and application. 

Libby Furminger – SSN Communications Officer

Libby Furminger – SSN Communications Officer

Libby recently graduated from Swansea University with a degree in psychology and is taking a year off to further enrich her experience and involvement in the field of drug science. Passionate about making a positive impact, she is now in her second year volunteering for Drug Science. One of Libby’s primary interests lies in harm reduction, and she has been actively involved in implementing harm reduction practices at various UK festivals. Additionally, her commitment to promoting more informed drug policies led her to participate in lobbying events at Parliament, engaging with MPs to discuss current drug policies and advocate for more effective and evidence-based approaches.


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