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Legacy Gifting

Please consider supporting charities that you love through legacy gifting. 

Leaving a gift in your will help us to build a future where the public, media and policymakers are equipped with accurate and unbiased information about the harms and healing potential of drugs. By supporting Drug Science with a gift in your will, you are ensuring that we can continue to campaign for evidence-based drug policy long after your lifetime.

Legacy Gifting

What difference could your gift make?

Your Will, Our Mission: Ensuring Independent, Evidence-Based Drug Research

At Drug Science, we believe in a future where drug policy is driven by evidence, not influence. Our independent research and advocacy work tirelessly to uncover the truth about drugs and their impact on society. However, to maintain our independence and remain free from commercial and political interference, we need your support.

Why Legacy Gifting Matters

Legacy gifting—leaving a gift to Drug Science in your will—is a powerful way to ensure that our work can continue for generations to come. By including Drug Science in your estate planning, you make a lasting impact on the fight for evidence-based drug policy and education. Your support will help us remain a steadfast, unbiased voice in the global conversation on drugs.


Your Gift, Your Way

We understand that legacy gifts are deeply personal. That's why we invite our legacy donors to speak directly with the Drug Science team. We want to hear how you envision your contribution making a difference. Whether you wish to support groundbreaking research, fund educational programs, or advocate for policy change, your legacy will reflect your values and priorities.

How Your Gift Can Help

  • Advancing Research: Your legacy can fund pioneering studies that challenge misconceptions and uncover new insights about drug use and policy.

  • Educational Outreach: Support our efforts to educate the public, healthcare professionals, and policymakers about the scientific realities of drug use.

  • Policy Advocacy: Enable us to push for reforms that protect public health, ensure safety, and uphold human rights.

Need help? 

If you would like to leave a legacy with Drug Science we would be happy to help you.
Please click the button below and email us your question and we will do our best to support your fundraiser. 

How to Leave a Legacy Gift

FreeWill is a free online service helping you to write your will in less than 20 minutes.

If you are including Drug Science in your will, the wording you use will vary depending on the type of gift you are leaving (see below).

Leaving a Cash Gift

“I give the sum of £_____ to….”

Leaving a Share of Your Estate

“I give a ____% share of the residue of my estate to…”

Leaving a Specific Gift

“I give my _description of item_ to…”

Finalise with the Wording Below:

"Drug Science
Charity number: 1150449
to be used for its general charitable purposes and I declare that the receipt of their Treasurer or other proper officer shall be a full and sufficient discharge.

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