#38 - Drug Markets

This week’s episode features British Academy Global Professor Julia Buxton. Her research focuses on illicit drug markets and the impact of counter-narcotics policies on development, gender equality and security. In her career she’s led projects and worked with multiple universities around the world including the Central European University in Budapest. Outside of Europe, she has geographical expertise on Latin America and is a specialist on Venezuela.

Now, back in England, she’s working on The Global Drug Survey project, inquiring about the drug policy preferences of drug users themselves. With this innovative approach, she’s joining the conversation on drugs on the political scene in the UK.

Tune into this week’s episode to find out about how drug policies that are older than the Internet, Thatcherism and HIV treatment contribute to inequalities arising between different countries and genders.


Who is Julia Buxton? 

Julia has a four-year award for research on changing patterns of drug supply, and the impact of decriminalisation and legalisation initiatives on the quality of drug policy making, stakeholder inclusion and reduction of drug related harms. She has experience of applied and practice focused research in intersecting areas of policy design and evaluation, including conflict, rights based and gender sensitive processes. At Central European University, Julia managed a series of awards from Open Society Foundations Global Drug Policy Programme that enabled research and international workshops on drug policy analysis and the gendered impacts of drug policy enforcement, and delivery of an annual drug policy reform summer school.




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