#49 - Medical Cannabis in the UK with Prof Mike Barnes

Professor Nutt and Professor Barnes will be talking about medical cannabis. Should our future doctors obtain proper education on how to use botanical medicines? Should we change the way we think about drugs and treatments?
Tune into this week’s episode to find out!


Who is Prof Mike Barnes?

Professor Mike Barnes is a consultant neurologist, expert cannabis physician, and Clinical Lead of Project Twenty21. He dedicated his career to the development of neurological rehabilitation as well as medical cannabis awareness and education.

After holding multiple senior NHS management positions, chairing Neurological Rehabilitation in the UK and years of clinical practice, professor Barnes brings his expertise to educate clinicians and patients about the benefits of medicinal cannabis and CBD wellness. He also is an advocate for a sensible and robust approach to medical cannabis prescribing and industry growth in the UK.

In his recent discussion paper entitled “Ten Recommendations for Government”, he explores what Government can do to address what is currently a great missed opportunity for the country to secure the economic and patient benefits of a new approach to medical cannabis and CBD well-being products.


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Ten Recommendations for Government – Discussion Paper – UK Medical Cannabis and CBD Market


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