#50 Labour Drug Policy with Dan Carden MP

In this week’s episode, Dan Carden and Professor David Nutt will be discussing how we can change the way we deal with problematic alcohol use for the better.

Why is alcohol consumption so normalised despite being far more dangerous than multiple illegal drugs? Why don’t we talk more openly about the harms from alcohol?

Tune in to the episode to find out!


Who is Dan Carden?

Dan Carden is a British Labour Party politician serving as the MP for Liverpool Walton since 2017.

Calling himself a “proud Scouser”, Carden highlights his close relationship with Liverpool’s working class and recalls his father being the shop steward during the Liverpool dockers’ dispute. From his early years he cared deeply for his community, standing on picket lines as a young boy and then going into politics.

He studied International Relations at the London School of Economics where he also took the position of Chair of the University Labour Club. In his 20s however, while clearly being on a path to a brilliant career in politics, Carden developed a drinking problem. Now, he talks openly about this difficult experience as it brought into light the gaps in support for alcohol users in the UK. Carden therefore, advocates for changes in the logistics behind treating alcohol addiction as well as for ending the stigma affecting its sufferers.


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