84. Will DMT be a medicine in the UK? with Dr Carol Routledge

Join us for an insightful episode featuring Dr. Carol Routledge, a distinguished senior scientist and the Chief Medical and Scientific Officer at Small Pharma Labs. Dr. Routledge takes us on a journey through her remarkable career path that ultimately led her to work at Small Pharma. With a wealth of experience in both preclinical and clinical settings, she has delved into psychiatric and neurological indications, honing her expertise in understanding and treating mental health disorders.

In this conversation, Dr. Carol Routledge draws upon her extensive clinical and psychedelic research background to shed light on the latest developments in DMT research and psychedelic integration therapy. With her profound insights, we explore the potential of these groundbreaking approaches to become formal medicines, revolutionizing the field of mental health treatment.

Tune in as Dr. Carol Routledge shares her passion for advancing mental health treatments through innovative research.




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