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Podcast: DS Live – The Search for Synthetic Alcohol

18th September 2019 - Online

DrugScience Community Exclusive

A parched mouth. A throbbing headache. An inability to cope with even the most basic cognitive functions – most of us have experienced the dreaded curse of the hangover!

But what actually happens to our bodies and our brains when we drink too much? How do the biomechanics of excessive consumption cause hangovers? And what if we could enjoy a drink that has all the pleasurable effects of alcohol but doesn’t have any of the negative consequences?

Science has come a long way and our understanding of how alcohol affects the brain and the body has increased beyond recognition. We know so much more today about how we might enjoy the good things in life without causing the harm we have come to believe as inevitable.

In this ground-breaking scientific talk, world renowned psychiatrist, scientist and inventor Professor David Nutt will explain how he is leading a team of scientists with the aim of enabling the world’s first range of marketable synthetic alcohol products – drinks that would deliver the giddy feelings that come with a buzz without causing any painful hangover effects, and possibly the damage that many of us experience in organs such as the heart, the liver and the brain.

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