#3 - Medicinal Marijuana

Professor David Nutt sits down with Joss Stone, Suzi Gage & Hannah Deacon to discuss the recent progress and biggest issues relating to medicinal cannabis. Many people up and down the country have turned to cannabis to alleviate pain & reduce symptoms of a wide range of ailments. Despite this, the drug still carries hefty penalties of up to 5 years in prison, an unlimited fine or both for possession.

Joss Stone is a singer songwriter from Devon. She gained international acclaim for her first album The Soul Sessions and has more recently been on a mission to ‘bring loveliness’ to the world, through music with her total world tour. Find out more about what she is up to at https://www.jossstone.com/

Dr Suzi Gage is a lecturer at Liverpool University & hosts the podcast Say Why To Drugs. She specialises in Drugs and mental health research with a particular interest in the link between cannabis & mental health problems. Follow her @soozaphone on twitter

Hannah Deacon has been fighting for years for her son Alfie to be able to receive cannabis based medication on the NHS to treat his epilepsy. She explains her tumultuous journey at the start of this podcast.Drug Science is the leading independent scientific body on drugs in the UK. We work to provide clear, evidence-based information without political or commercial interference. @Drug_Science @ProfDavidNutt

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