#34 - Psilocybin vs Antidepressants

Psilocybin vs SSRI Antidepressants - Robin Carhart-Harris, Imperial Centre for Psychedelic Research

Psilocybin is being heralded as a major breakthrough in the fight against depression, but how does it compare to the most effective treatment that doctors prescribe for depression?

This week’s episode features Dr Robin Carhart-Harris, a British neuroscientist who has led some of the most influential psychedelic studies to date.

Professor Nutt and Robin Carhart-Harris discuss the work of the Centre for Psychedelic Research and the recent results of the psilocybin vs escitalopram study.

  • Does MDMA impact sleep?
  • What does the brain look like under the influence of LSD?
  • How do psychedelics change the quality of brain activity?
  • Can psilocybin be used to treat depression?

Robin Heads the Psychedelic Research Group within the Centre for Psychiatry at Imperial College London, where he has designed several functional brain imaging studies with psilocybin, LSD, MDMA  and DMT, plus a clinical trial of psilocybin for treatment resistant depression. He has over 50 published papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals; two of which were ranked in the top 100 most impactful academic articles of 2016. Robin’s research has featured in major national and international media and he has given a popular TEDx talk.


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