#6 - Psychedelics Live Show: Part 2

In our last episode we heard about how psychedelics can be used to help the sick, but what about the healthy?

Wellbeing is becoming an increasingly studied element of everyday living. Those that maintain and take active steps to better their own wellbeing are happier people, who are more content with their own existence.

One way in which people are doing this is through the process of microdosing psychedelics. However, we have very little evidence of its effect. Professor David Nutt is joined by Dr David Erritzøe, who is conducting research in neurobiology and the ground-breaking trials into microdosing LSD, asking the all-important question, is microdosing real or placebo? To find out more about Dr Erritzøe’s & Dr Szigeti’s self-blinded microdosing trial please visit – https://selfblinding-microdose.org/

Furthermore, an individual’s connection with their surrounding natural environment is a strong indicator of that person’s overall wellbeing. Humankind’s apathy for nature has dwindled over the years and a substantial cognitive shift is needed to save us from ecological destruction. Dr Sam Gandy joins Professor Nutt, his research focusses on how psychedelics could save the planet from ecological collapse by remedying our disconnection from nature. For more information regarding psychedelics role in humans connection to nature, please see Dr Gandy’s recently released paper with Imperial College London – https://www.mdpi.com/1660-4601/16/24/5147

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