59. How to Become a Psychedelic Therapist? - With Dr Rosalind Watts

Who is Dr Rosalind Watts? 

Dr Rosalind Watts is one of the most prominent clinical psychologists in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. In today’s episode of the podcast, Dr Watts will explain exactly how she managed to be at the epicentre of UK psychedelic research.

Dr Watts is a clinical psychologist, a mother, and a nature lover. Her work as the Clinical Lead for Imperial College London’s psilocybin trial, and subsequent role as the Clinical Director at Synthesis Institute, have made her one of the most prominent voices and minds in the field of psychedelic research. Dr Watts builds tools and structures to foster connectedness after psychedelic experiences, finding inspiration for their design from nature. The most recent of which is the integration community she’s created – ACER Integration.

While working in clinical practice Rosalind has developed a psychedelic therapy model she coined ACE, which stands for, ‘Accept, Connect, Embody’. Based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and the ‘Psychological Flexibility Model’, she mapped the journey that individuals under the influence of a psychedelic go through when they dive into their experience, extract the meaningful lessons to heal, and then integrate and embody them afterwards. Her qualitative research, exploring the perspectives of participants in several psychedelic research studies, gave rise to her interest in the common theme of ‘connectedness to Self, others, and the world’ as an essential aspect of psychedelic treatment. With that patient-centred attitude, she gives insightful talks focusing on the patients’ perspective on the psychedelic journey as a part of the healing process.

Listen to the podcast to learn about the beauty and the nuances of psychedelic experience and healing.
Join Dr Watts for the inaugural launch of ACER Integration here -> https://dandelion.earth/events/622233b3025fc50011891f2e 
Learn more about ACER Integration -> https://www.drrosalindwatts.com/