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Drug Science's 10th birthday at the House of Lords: past achievements and a bright future

Big ben and the houses of parliament in London at Night

Drug Science Patron Lord Nic Rea, hosted Drug Science committee members, trustees, and community supporters at House of Lords on Wednesday, celebrating ten years of achievements, and new initiatives in medical cannabis and psychedelic research.

In the beautiful Cholmondeley Room of Westminster Palace, 150 of Drug Science’s supporters heard CEO David Badcock welcome guests and acknowledge the tremendous work that has been achieved over the last ten years, and pointed to the very exciting plans the organisation is now embarking upon.

Founder, Chair of Scientific Committee and Chief Scientific Officer Professor David Nutt told guests how Drug Science is forging ahead with medical cannabis research, that includes the formation of a new working group of industry partners, patient representatives, policy makers, and Drug Science experts.  It was also an opportunity to hear the exciting plans for providing an online educational resource for doctors, as well as announcing the medical cannabis educational seminars in the coming weeks.

Prof Nutt went on to describe the very exciting developments being made with psychedelic research, including the formation of the Centre for Psychedelic Research at Imperial College London, and the potential that this could have for people with severe depression.

Jeff Smith MP gave a personal account of why he has become a trustee for Drug Science, why he thinks current drug policy is failing us, and what he feels the future could, or perhaps should, hold.

Scientific Committee member Prof Fiona Measham talked about how the Loop are making great strides in offering drug testing services across the UIK, and highlighted challenges faced and barriers to still to be overcome.

Lastly but by no means least, Hannah Deacon gave her own powerful, emotional and compelling story of how her son Alfie Dingley would likely have died had he not been given medical cannabis.  Hannah also gave a stark warning that medical cannabis is still extremely difficult to access despite a change of legislation that should allow people to do so, and many are suffering needlessly as a result.

This was the second Drug Science House of Lords evening reception, and all community members were invited to attend as a recognition of their invaluable support.

Drug Science is entirely independent, free form any commercial or political influence.  As such, it doesn’t have the huge resources that other institutions have to enact positive change.  Therefore, its supporters provide the platform for engaging the wider public, and are encouraged to share its content and messages as widely as possible – the greater the conversation, the more difficult it will be for the people to deny the truth about drugs.

To find out about how to become a Drug Science community member, you can read more here

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