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Interview with David Nutt and Jan Ramaekers

Prof David Nutt and Prof Jan Ramaekers discuss some of the biggest questions in Drug Science in this interview for the European Behavioral Pharmacology Society.

They first discuss psychedelics in the treatment of depression, in light of the recent results comparing psilocybin to one of the most commonly prescribed antidepressants. They then address concerns that liberal cannabis policies could increase cannabis-related harms. These concerns are not supported by existing evidence, and Prof Nutt and Prof Ramaekers explain the evidence to the contrary.

Both Prof Nutt and Prof Ramaekers then move to the validity of GMP regulations in clinical trials. They argue that at such an early stage, GMP places an unnecessary additional hurdle for researchers and that the crucial factor is the purity of the substance being studied. Prof Nutt points out that this may be one area where Brexit may have a positive impact on psychedelic research since European Union regulations have hindered progress in Europe

Next, these two experts discuss the development of ayahuasca into a pharmaceutical treatment. They point out the challenges it would face and analyse the various formulations of ayahuasca.

Lastly, Prof David Nutt and Prof Jan Ramaekers reveal the qualities they would seek in a PhD candidate, and the essential skills for the next generation of psychedelic researchers. You can learn more about these skills in our webinar, Careers in Drug Science.

Both Prof David Nutt, and Prof Jan Ramaekers will be speaking at the biennial meeting of the European Behavioral Pharmacology Society held from the 13-16th of July.

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