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Medical Cannabis Education

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Drug Science is asked frequently about medical cannabis – what it is, what it can be used for, who can prescribe it and how to regulate it.  We’ve developed different ways to help doctors, patients and professionals understand this complex, emerging field, and our education programmes are central to this MEDIC (Medical Education in Cannabinoids) is an online education portal which offers evidence-based education and resources for healthcare professionals. MEDIC enables access to courses, events and resources to supplement knowledge about medical cannabis and improve medical practice. 

Drug Science has also held several education seminars designed to move the field forward from theory to practice. The seminars are targeted at medical practitioners with an interest in working in this new field. Our list of speakers constitutes a ‘who’s who’ of the British cannabis field and international experts like Assoc Professor Matthew Hill, Dr Christopher Blue and Dr V. Kishan Mahabir, bringing together academics, policy makers, patient representatives, and thinktanks.

Details of our forthcoming events for 2019 and beginning of 2020 are listed on our events page. (London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Kent)

Previous symposiums have focused on the Endocannabinoid system and the pharmacodynamics of Cannabis, with speakers from Canada presenting their rational and experiences of prescribing Medicinal Cannabis, for patients with a variety of medical conditions.

Dr. Christopher Blue is a family physician in Windsor, ON, Canada with a specialty in prescribing medical cannabis. He is a globally experienced Medical Doctor and academic lecturer. Dr. Blue in his own private practice focuses on preventive care, chronic disease management and outpatient office surgical procedures. He is seeing the positive effects of cannabis on a daily basis and provides guidance and experience around medicinal cannabis to UK doctors at our symposiums. See his presentation at the Drug Science Symposium here: Dr. Kishan Mahabir is a Nephrologist and Medical Cannabis Specialist at Sakura Medical Centre, Canada. Dr. Mahabir is considered a key voice in the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis throughout Canada and the globe. At the Drug Science Symposiums, he presents a ‘Practical Approach to Prescribing Medical Cannabis.’ See his presentation at the Drug Science Symposium here:

For any support or information regarding any of our medical cannabis education seminars, please contact us:

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