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Statement Regarding Project Twenty21 and its Official Industry Partners

A Table full of Drug Science Project Twenty21 Papers

Statement from Drug Science regarding Project Twenty 21 and its official industry partners. For immediate release


Drug Science would like to clarify the aims of the Project Twenty 21 initiative and who its industry partners are.

This follows recent press release from Kanabo, announcing that it had signed its first UK medicinal cannabis distribution framework agreement with Astral Health Limited (“Astral Health”). Astral Health is fully owned by LYPHE Group, which is part of Project Twenty21.

The release went on to say that one of Kanabo’s cannabis based medicinal products, under the brand NOIDECS, would be made available to Project Twenty21 patients.

We would like to make it clear that they will not be made available directly from Kanabo, but from LYPHE Group, who are an authorised partner of Twenty21.

Project Twenty21 enables eligible patients to access affordable medical cannabis treatment. By doing so, it aims to create the UK’s largest body of evidence for the effectiveness and tolerability of medical cannabis. Our hope is that this will then provide evidence for NHS funding, where the benefits of treatment with medicinal cannabis is proven to outweigh the potential risks.

The treatments that patients receive from Project Twenty 21 are provided by a number of medical cannabis companies. Kanabo is not one of these. The comprehensive list of companies who are involved with the project is as follows:

  1. Alta Flora

  2. Bod Australia

  3. Cellen

  4. JMCC Group

  5. Khiron Life Sciences

  6. Lyphe Group

Each of these companies has been approved following a vetting process, and is now involved in a formal contract with Drug Science and our project.  Only products from these official partners are available in the project’s formulary, and as prescriptions for Project Twenty 21 patients.

While we welcome contact from any medical company who wishes to be associated with Project Twenty21, only those listed above can claim to be current official partners.




For more information on this release, and on Drug Science’s work, please contact James Bunn

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