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The Cannabis Society: London Medical Cannabis Conference

A promo for the Cannabis Society Investor Conference

Drug Science is delighted to support The Cannabis Society Medical Conference, being held on 24th June in Central London.

The Cannabis Society is dedicated to fostering the cannabis community through events, conferences, dinners and much more. The conference is an opportunity to join with doctors from both Europe and North America, industry experts, investors and licensed producers in the cannabis business. With the goal to educate and form strategic partnerships, the Medical Conference is a unique way to interact with North American doctors, European doctors and the global cannabis industry.

The Cannabis Medical Conference is structured to include presentations from cannabis companies, followed by scheduled one-on-one meetings to be held between cannabis companies, North American doctors and European doctors (Meetings are scheduled in advance of the Conference).

Attending and taking meetings with European doctors include executives of the largest licensed producers and North American doctors.

Please note: Drug Science is not receiving any funding from supporting this event.

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