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We have launched our new consultancy arm

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Founded in 2010 by the neuropsychopharmacologist Professor David Nutt, independent research charity Drug Science is the leading organisation of its kind in the UK — we built a renowned international reputation as thought leaders, particularly around the study of cannabis and psychedelics.

Today, we launch Drug Science Consultancy, to provide research advice and consultancy services to businesses, governments and other stakeholders in all drug-related areas, with particular emphasis on the emerging cannabis and psychedelic medicine markets.

In line with our charity’s ethos, Drug Science Consultancy is committed to providing the highest quality scientific evidence, research advice and consultancy services. Importantly, all profits will be returned to the charity to support its charitable objectives.

Drug Science Consultancy has established partnerships with the leading academic institutions in the UK as well as many global experts, and we intend on working together with a trusted national group of Contract Research Organisations.

“We are often asked to share our expertise and are excited to now have our own consultancy to develop this stream,” says Dr Anne Katrin Schlag, CEO of Drug Science. “Drug Science Consultancy will allow us to work closely together with clients who are keen to develop, conduct, and analyse their own high-quality scientific research — which is what we love doing!”

Through our consultancy, we will share our wealth of knowledge to support clients throughout the whole research ecosystem: from project development and management, conducting both quantitative and qualitative studies, over Real World Evidence and clinical trial development as well as communication and marketing.

Setting up research involving scheduled drugs can be a daunting prospect,” says Prof Michael Lynskey, Drug Science’s Chief Research Officer. “Especially if you haven’t submitted a study for regulatory approvals before. We can ensure that clients’ great ideas do not fall at the first hurdle but rather that they are presented and organised in a way that offers the best chance of success”.

By sharing our knowledge in this way we hope to benefit many other organisations,” says Professor David Nutt. “And also to continue building the scientific evidence base about drugs, specifically cannabis and psychedelics, which are showing such tremendous promise as medicines. Because that will benefit us all.”

More information on the Drug Science Consultancy can be downloaded here.

To arrange a call or to ask questions, please visit our website or contact Dr Anne Schlag at

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