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What would a regulated stimulant market look like?

Prohibition has failed to reduce drug-related deaths and unregulated stimulant drugs such as cocaine and MDMA pose a significant risk to public health. These is more often than not due to contamination and uncontrolled dosage.

In this webinar, Steve Rolles and Roz Gittins explain how we could regulate a stimulant market to improve the safety of drugs which will be used whether they are legal or not.

They discuss stimulant regulation, harm reduction and the use/misuse of these drugs. Furthermore, they will extrapolate on the role of pharmacists and policy makers to reduce the harms of stimulant use.

Steve Rolles, Senior Policy Analyst for Transform Drug Policy Foundation, and Roz Gittins, Director of Pharmacy for ‘Humankind’ and Vice President for the College of Mental Health Pharmacy.

This was recorded at a live event, organised by James Morgan and hosted by Professor Chris Chandler. To be notified about more events like this, be sure to join our mailing list.

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